Manifesto Roundup – a quick round up of employment related election pledges

So it’s time for Britain to return to the polls, but what do each of the main political parties propose for employment policy? The Conservative Party Described by Theresa May as the “greatest expansion in workers’ rights by any Conservative government in history”, the Conservative party manifesto promises: to retain UK worker rights, post-Brexit; to … Continued

Uber surprises and the effect on small businesses (Part One)

2016 will surely go down in history as the year in which nothing would ever be the same again. And not only has it been a year of life-changing decisions affecting so many nations, businesses and individuals, these have also been results which silenced the experts, stunned the world and, at times, even surprised the … Continued

Why Watching Football can be Great for Business

With both Wales and England safely through to the final 16 of The Euros, I can now publish this post without risk of showing prejudice to either side. It was actually inspired by the happy faces of factory workers, leaving early on the Thursday that the clash between those two great Home Nations took place … Continued