Happy Staff

Innovative, workable solutions to improve your staff motivation levels using a variety of tools.


We strongly believe that engaged staff increase the bottom line.

  • Re- hiring - The costs of re-hiring, bridging the productivity gap and training new employees are always significantly more than the obvious costs such as recruitment agencies.
  • The extra mile – Employees who believe in and, who are ‘on board’ with the company’s 'goals', strive to over deliver. The difference between only doing what is required and doing whatever is necessary to successfully complete the task in hand, is exponential.

We help clients improve employee engagement in a number of ways:



Online surveys provide an easy, anonymous tool for asking our clients’ employees what they really think of working within their organisation. We design surveys to cover a broad range of areas including autonomy, leadership and working relationships, focusing on any particular areas of concern if required.

Online surveys are not just for the larger corporations; we have clients with as few as nine employees who use this tool.


Focus groups and one-to-one interviews, carried out by us, provide the employee with an opportunity to voice their feedback in a neutral, safe environment. We use our emotional intelligence experience to encourage employees to tell us what they think.

This is fed back to our clients in the form of a report (in conjunction with the online survey results if carried out) and presentation if required. Highlights and Action Points are recommended, and we can assist with their implementation if required.



Engagement Surveys should start with a genuine motivation for change. We assist clients with implementing the action points we’ve identified for them following the engagement survey process.

Our experience in strategic HR provides the expertise required to drive cultural change, implement innovative initiatives and re-ignite a workforce’s passion for what they do.

“We engaged Sasha recently to conduct an employee opinion survey for our business. She was very personable and professional whilst also managing to be friendly and down to earth to put our staff at ease. Whilst the brief was clear, Sasha also managed to add value and bring a little extra of her expertise to the task which meant that the process was even more valuable than expected. I would definitely consider Sasha for other projects in the future and am happy to recommend her”.

- Sally Pritchett, Something Big Ltd.